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This is the resounding chorus you hear from my friends, clients and colleagues! I can hear them now, how could anyone who is accessible 24/7 via cell phone, email and text and goes through at least 2 hands free devices a year talking to borrowers NOT EVER posted a comment on a blog??? I don’t know what’s so surprising? I am the same woman who is on Facebook and LinkedIn by shadow pix and name only!

Well no more excuses! Thanks to the great folks at Silk Shorts, Inc.! In their capable hands, I am launching my website and Yes, a Blog! My intent is to share a few items of interest in the ever challenging topic of money. These will be short but hopefully thought provoking or action inspiring comments. I look forward to our open dialogue!

Today’s comment: When is paying down credit a bad thing? When you pay it down to zero or close your account! Sounds counter intuitive but true. Credit bureaus look at your credit activity, the percentage of balances to credit limits and total available credit. Often your credit score suffers if you pay down that credit card account and close the account. The same happens when you consolidate credit on a few accounts and close extra accounts. These actions create higher balances and less available credit to you which translates into negatives in the credit bureaus eyes.


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